What differentiates FKK from other naturist groups in many people’s minds is the organization’s dedication to inclusion. Freely acknowledging that its members are diverse in view, interests, and lifestyle, and that many of them will not agree with everything they see reported on or praised in N , FKK still has a distinguishing leaning on certain issues that are sometimes just obliquely related to naturism. Many of these dilemmas have to do with the acceptance of others. FKK created the Naturist Network as a way to encourage those naturist clubs, resorts, and shore-support groups that conform to FKK’ basic doctrine. These groups agree to support FKK and let FKK members to participate in their actions; and their policies and actions mustn’t be in disagreement with the FKK Statement of Naturist Worth, which says, in part: “The Naturist Society does not recognize groups or clubs which guarantee or think primarily to boost intercourse, or which practice a policy of exclusion based on race, religion, age, sexual preference, or gender.” FKK recognizes that a private club or group has every right to select its associates. A club could limit its membership to left-handed, middle-aged, Chinese astronomers if it needed to. However, to be part of the Naturist Network, clubs and groups must practice a high level of inclusiveness.

As the 1983 FKK-commissioned Gallup poll showed, and as any naturist club operator can confirm, men are generally more comfortable trying out nudism for the first time than are women. Some studies suggest that once individuals become involved in social nudity, girls enjoy it more and feel they derive more benefit from it than guys. However, in some cases clubs and groups find themselves with what seems to be a sex imbalance of men over women. FKK doesn’t accept this as sufficient to justify organized refusal to singles of access to club or group activities. Singles contribute as many invaluable resources to a group as do married http://modestperson.com/views/i-have-become-an-activist-for-nudism.php . They offer help in volunteer projects; they provide needed income for the group; and they help the group more closely match the demographics of society. The people outside the bounds of the club walls or group functions is not 100 percent wed. There are singles and married people, young and old, black and white, rich and poor. Since FKK asserts vigorously that nudism is natural for all folks, unless there’s great reason to suppose that someone will cause problems to the health and integrity of the group, they shouldn’t be excluded for being single. FKK’ Naturist Network Participating Agreement expressly states: ” http://kors4all.com/index.php/2016/04/27/after-a-while-i-felt-the-need-to-pee/ is acknowledged that single male visitors may be subject to a quota if Club deems this ineluctable. If Club does restrict the entry of males without accompanying females according to a ‘quota’ system, this must be clearly released and fairly managed…clubs or groups whose quota policies are so stringent as to create a de facto exclusion of singles may be taken off the Network.”

FKK has also led other naturist (or naturist) organizations in its demand for approval of homosexuals at naturist gatherings. This does not mean that FKK accepts public sexual behavior from anyone in naturist circumstances like clubs or free beaches, as some critics of the policy have suggested. What it means is that it doesn’t matter to FKK whether naturists are straight or homosexual; and as long as a visitor at a naturist setting acts in a family-friendly manner, they should be welcome. The phrase “family-friendly” is picked carefully here, in lieu of the more commonly used “family-oriented.” FKK wishes to encourage and be connected only with naturist groups that provide an atmosphere that would be suitable for families with kids (and grandparents) of many different ages. The groups need not be oriented to families to the extent that all activities must be designed to appeal to the interests of young kids and their parents. No group will probably plan actions that are of interest to families with youngsters at all times. FKK does ask nevertheless, that its clubs and groups demand etiquette, behavior, and activities that would be comfortable for most families, should families be there. Some groups correlated with FKK skirt the edges of this true vague request, but FKK continues to do what it can to encourage inclusive yet healthy naturist surroundings. Three other tendencies recognize FKK from other naturist organizations. The doctrine of FKK, if not of every one among its individual members, firmly and openly supports the development of women’s rights; the preservation of the natural surroundings; and the advancement of the arts.